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Switch File quickly
:A switches to the header file corresponding to the current file being edited (or vise versa)
:AS splits and switches
:AV vertical splits and switches
:AT new tab and switches

* 用 :TlistOpen 指令把 taglist 視窗叫出來,用 :TlistClose 指令關閉 taglist 視窗
* 用 :TListToggle 來打開或關閉 taglist 視窗
* 可以用 ctrl-w h 與 ctrl-w l 來切換 taglist 視窗與編輯視窗
* 開啟檔案以後,taglist會自動把 tag 資訊列在左邊視窗
* Console 模式下,有比較特別,文件說,因為 terminal/console 不支援變動視窗寬度,所以要設置Tlist_Inc_Winwidth 為 0
* 在doc目錄下開啓vim編輯器,執行":helptags ."
* $ vim ~/.vimrc加上 nnoremap <F12> :TlistToggle<CR>

1) Download and unzip to your $HOME/.vim (or your vim "runtimepath")
then you should the following two files:

plugin/taglist.vim - main taglist plugin file
doc/taglist.txt - documentation (help) file
2) Create help file for taglist

go to "~/.vim/doc" and start vim and run the ":helptags ."

3) if you don't have exuberant ctags, then install it first

sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

4) Put the following command in your .vimrc file

" Configuration for Taglist
let Tlist_Ctags_Cmd="/usr/bin/ctags"
let Tlist_Inc_Winwidth = 0
" let Tlist_GainFocus_On_ToggleOpen = 1
filetype on

" Hotkey definition for taglist
nnoremap :Tlist
nnoremap :wincmd p

4) Use "F12" to activate taglist function and
"F3" to switch between taglist window and code window

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