MAC vim ctags with ObjC

  1. An ObjectiveC parser has been added to Exuberant CTags trunk
  2. You can easily install it on OSX via homebrew
    1. brew install ctags —HEAD
  3. Note that when using ctags, beware that .h will be treated as C++, look at man ctags for using ctags -R —language-force=ObjectiveC or —langmap, unless many tags will be missing.
  4. Then I added something like this to my .vimrc for taglist support:

let tlist_objc_settings = 'ObjectiveC;P:protocols;i:interfaces;types(…)'

add any type interests you from that list:

$ ctags --list-kinds=all
    i  class interface
    I  class implementation
    p  Protocol
    m  Object's method
    c  Class' method
    v  Global variable
    F  Object field
    f  A function
    p  A property
    t  A type alias
    s  A type structure
    e  An enumeration
    M  A preprocessor macro


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